Shalom Africa Initiative


Ministering to the mind, body, and soul of the african people…

With illiteracy rates reaching 80 percent, and deep poverty blanketing the “tension belt” of Africa we cannot share the love of Christ with words alone. We must be ambassadors of Christ in both word and deed, demonstrating God’s love through compassion for the whole person in a lasting, sustainable way. The goal of the OMS Africa Rural Village Project is to transform communities mentally, physically, and spiritually with the Good News of Jesus.

Where is the “tension belt” of Africa?

The “tension belt” of Africa is a term used to describe the area of the continent where Muslims and Christians live side by side. Islam is the primary religion in northern Africa and Christianity is the primary religion in Southern Africa. The 4,000 mile stretch in the middle of the continent from Somalia in the east to Senegal in the west is referred to as the “tension belt”. Our goal is to share the love of Christ to Muslims in this area through word and compassion.

How you can help

You can help transform communities in the “tension belt” of Africa with the love of Christ by giving a generous gift today. Your gift will be used for …

  1. Evangelism, Discipleship, Bible Training, and Church Planting

  2. Teaching reading, writing, and basic math

  3. Mentorship in agri-business and other micro-enterprise ministries

  4. Well drilling, medical and food supplies

  5. Disaster relief and other compassionate services

Stories of transformation…