Bethesda Clinic


Help provide care to Haitians in need …

Haiti has a weak healthcare structure with roughly 40 percent of the population lacking access to essential healthcare. Bethesda exists to provide this essential care.

Bethesda Clinic in Cap Haitien, Haiti, is a ministry of Mercy Inc., treating between 100 - 150 patients per day, with many of these patients coming from far away and arriving at the clinic as early as 5 a.m.

Each patient that walks through our doors hears the Word of God in morning devotions and our staff takes opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with patients as they feel led.

Bethesda has different clinics which run on varying days, including TB, HIV / AIDS, malnutrition, diabetes, antenatal, baby clinic, and community clinics.

The cost for a consultation, lab work, and medicine is just $13 US, but for many people this price is just too much and often going to the doctor is a last resort. However, people know when they come to Bethesda they won't be turned away ... even if they can't pay.

Without your support, we simply cannot provide care to those who need it most. Please consider donating to Bethesda today. Your gift will go toward things like laboratory supplies, medicine, baby formula, and free consultations to those who cannot pay.

Bethesda Clinic exists to evangelize and disciple through medical outreach and providing quality affordable health care to patients.

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