Mama Mary finds Hope


Mama Mary is a grandmother who is raising orphaned children of her daughter.  She is now 89 years old, and has six orphaned grandchildren.  Five of the children have been adopted by a local center, but have to come home during school holidays.  She says that she never had an opportunity to go to school as a child, and she sees many of her peers who went to school had good careers in life.  However, she finds that raising chicken has given her hope and a sense of purpose in her old age.  

She moved to the community onto a small piece of land, only a ¼ of an acre.  Over the last six months she has seen the growth of five chicken that she was given turn into 20 hens.  Currently she has two hens also brooding over more than 30 eggs.  Her startup fund amounted to just about $20.

In preparation for more hens, she has built a small mud structure.  As she continues to raise her chicken, she hopes one day to own a dairy cow.  In preparation for the dairy cow, she has planted nappier grass.  She is happy with the progress of her farm, and says one of her greatest hope is that one day she will leave an inheritance to her grandchildren.

Brad Johns