God is calling; will you answer?

Are you willing to Serve God in your retirement years?

I was privileged to speak on a Radio Podcast (see link below) with a Portland Radio program. It is my testimony, which many of you have heard, about God’s call on my and Jan’s life.

I share this, hopefully, as an inspiration that God has and is doing great things in all of our lives. We just need to be willing to listen and act. You may share this podcast as you think appropriate for inspiration and to bring Glory to God not me.

From Dan Critchett:

Hi Doug – and thanks again for coming in to do the show last Saturday. It was great having you on the show, and I was encouraged and inspired by your words. There’s something very special about a man who is “sold out” to God’s work in the world. Here’s a link so you can listen, save, and share it with others.


I’m eager to learn more of the work of Mercy, Inc. and would like to find ways to introduce it to others.

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Doug Hoffman